Yoga Pose and You Will See by Robert P. Clarke

Yoga Pose and You Will See by Robert P. Clarke
Sit comfortably in a chair,
Close your eyes,
and slow your breathing.
Start to imagine drawing a picture,
using an imaginary object to make your mark,
draw a round object in your picture
and imagine what size it will be,
visualise yourself making this circle
Using another medium
If you were using paint before,
Now use a chisel to carve
Step inside what you have created.
Experience it.
Dream it.
Smash it.
Distort the fragmented object
and bend these into a new object.
Now take that object
and dream what you will do with it.
Build a story around your new object,
a narrative story,
that uses symbolic references in your life…
Now open your eyes,
look around
and take your new reality,
Take it with you…
Take it away
And dream more
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The Form by Robert P. Clarke

The Form
There is a form within a form
A fold within a fold
The body around the mesh
A drawing in my mind
That is a tension under my skin
That needs to be released
That desires to be represented
Built into a physical realisation
From a strain that I hadn’t thought of before
There is a line around a circle
A square box frames this shape
And in my mind, I imagine
This world is now a different space
I am anxious for its future
The environment
Climate change
The aesthetic of concept
The notions I had in mind
Your thoughts
My view
I look within
You find a mirror
This is my reflection
Of what I perceive
The shape
The form
It is craving my desire
It is corrupt
A missing link in the chain
Chipping away at my creation
The drawing of the shell
The drawing of a shape on a page
Ever changing
My Mind tries to catch up
And my dreams
I will be with you
One day
Drawing life into my creation
That is inside of me
This malignant form will live
I decide
And sigh
Which way shall the sculpture lie?
Which way shall the sculpture stand?
“It will sit over there”, I imagine again
My pen imagines every space
My drawing imagines every angle
I close my eyes and think,
Until tomorrow
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Find Your Own My Time by Robert P. Clarke

Find Your Own My Time by Robert P. Clarke

Find your own space
With the face that you’re on
As the train stops at the station
Lift your head up from the phone
Raise a brow, Berry Brow,
We’re not quite there just yet
So I bury my face back down smart
To find my own time
It’s not really that cool
Hash Tag, It’s sad in the end
I’m a bit lonely really
And a bit depressed too
I missed all the action
The lively scenery passing by
The rolling hills, green and lush
And a fleeting glance in the distance
Of the Emley Moor Mast
And looking out over Denby Dale
From its impressive arched bridge
If only I’d have stopped off there
I could have eaten a slice of pie
Then stopping at Penistone,
The music hall from the past
Playing old dancing music
Swaying along with it
And singing out loud
As we pass Silkstone Moor
Then we head towards Barnsley
Which has a place in my heart
Where my dad really smiled
Born in a terrace there
He really embraced this place
And just before he passed
He reminisced from the past
His child hood experiences
Playing out in the street
And I looked up from my smart phone
I’d have probably missed
All my historical connections
From my past,
Finally catching up
And I find my Own Dwell Time
With the face that I’m on
As the train stops at the station
I lift my head up
From the smart phone that’s my life
I raise a second brow now,
Just past Meadowhall,
The Sheffield lad I’ve turned into,
I get up to depart,
From the train terminating,
And I dream of a time,
When we can all enjoy,
This dwell time…
I’ve enjoyed


Self Portrait For Dwell Time

Neural Integration (2017) by Sonia Ben Achoura


Neural Integration
76 x 101.5 cm
Acrylic on canvas

This painting is inspired by interpersonal therapy. Also known as the ‘talking cure’, this therapeutic process requires active involvement by two people. Rather than a passive listener, the psychotherapist engages with the experience of the patient. The mechanism whereby healing occurs during therapy is through neural integration, involving high levels of empathy and insight from the therapist to transform dissociation of experience into integration. In these optimal conditions, healing occurs. In neurological terms, this process involves the rewiring of brain pathways.

About the artist:

The mystery of human existence is one that I explore through both art and science, two disciplines which overlap in my work. An artist and psychologist, I draw inspiration from my academic investigations. My work explores psychological phenomena, concepts and theories including dreams, therapy, mindfulness, or neuroscience. My paintings often focus on aspects that hold potential for improving psychological well-being. I attempt to create art works that are conducive to improved well-being and deeper states; Paintings that focus the mind, silence inner chatter, for the achievement of deeper states of mind.

Train Ticket Thoughts on the Penistone Line 23/01/20

Join Dwell Time on the Penistone Line for a unique workshop in poetry and drawing on train tickets.

Get onboard the 10:12 – 11:28 Huddersfield to Sheffield and/or 11:35 – 12:50 Sheffield to Huddersfield trains at any station to join in a free, relaxed and informal workshop using train tickets to create poems and art works.

Materials, refreshments and train travel provided. Please let us know which station you intend to embark and alight at to ensure your complimentary travel as part of the workshop.

Dwell Time is an award winning, not-for-profit publication reflecting on mental wellbeing. Produced and curated by Alice Bradshaw, Vanessa Haley & Lenny Szrama in collaboration with Penistone Line Partnership. Founded in 2018. Currently funded by Penistone Line Partnership, ACORP, Northern & CrossCountry.

Sea Poetry (2019) by Louisa Pankhurst Johnson


I am obsessed with photographing water mostly the sea. Seeing the images in my ‘minds eye’ is a devotional experience.
My ‘Sea Poetry’ Images’ are created while in a state of ‘Social Mystification’ which I transfigure into sublime canvases of Reposeful and Spiritual Contemplation’.

‘Sea Poetry’ embodies the work of Karl Marx, Aristotle, John Berger, Rothko, Kazimir Malevich and John Piper.