Rina Taytu – CHAME

The theme of my works is coming from “To Live”.
Most of them, if anything, are based on “sorrow” and “trouble” around us.
Among these sorrow things, I shift my thought to feel a thank.
When I feel a thank, I see a small “dream” near in the future.
It is “drawing” for me to make a form from a small dream.
I drew this work when I noticed my youngest daughter had a congenital disorder and fought against it.
I put my wish for her to have a journey.
Journey does not only mean to go far away, but also to have “spiritual journey”.
I am drawing with the growth of my youngest daughter, who is showing me the wonderful views that is different views from my two older children.
And, I want to know your dream, though I don’t know you yet.
It would be a great one.



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