Sarah Lucks – I Think

I think about your broken heart
As you think the end is where you start
I think about your broken mind
As you choose to leave the world behind
I think about your worldly sorrow
Not wanting to see another tomorrow
I think about what you must see
To think this place is better without me
I think about your lonely walk
Thinking that you cannot talk
I think about your hurt n pain
To not want to open your eyes again
I reach out to those who walk this path
Please cry with me as well as laugh
I ask you to come and sit with me
Talk a while or just drink tea
Please open up your heart n say
I’m struggling with my fight today
Please turn to family, turn to friends,
Because beyond your darkness is light again
So please just reach out, don’t be alone
Think someone’s world is empty once you are gone X X X
Sarah Lucks

One thought on “Sarah Lucks – I Think

  1. Hi sarah you are an amazing lady. I am so lucky that you call into my work and never too busy always got time for a chat. Always there to help overs


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