Waiting Room & The Platform by Robert P. Clarke

Waiting Room

This is a temporary space
Where people pass through
They sit
They read
A magazine, book or check info
Of where they are going
The times of the trains
Glancing around at the unfamiliar faces
Theirs eyes looking down
Focussing on their own little world
Waiting for the train to come

There’s been a delay
A broken down engine
Everyone looks nervous
Will they meet their connection?
The silence is broken
With the timings announced
10 minutes late
then rising by minute

Passing words are exchanged
With a stranger
About the wait
About the time
A comment about the weather
And about their concerns
Whether they will make
Their destination in time

The walls are unforgiving
And don’t seem to care
About the predicament
These people now face
The train is delayed
The announcement repeats
But it’s now that time
And the train pulls in
The strangers depart
In their own different paths
Boarding the train
To leave the waiting room
Empty once more

The Platform

There are jubilant shouts of joy
As friends and family meet once more
Been a long time coming
The tears of Joy as the train pulls in
Waiting on the platform for loved ones

After the visit
Sad farewells
Waving goodbye
Sharing hugs and kisses

The train pulls off
It’ll be another year
Stay in contact they promise
by phone and more
Miss you lots x x
Until next time…



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