Sue Gardiner

Reach out.
I have a hidden malady,
Clawing at my brain.
Reach out and touch me,
Help me feel again.

I have clouds of anxiety,
Swirling round my head,
Reach out and hug me,
Make me calm instead.

I have circling doubts
Like sharks goading prey,
Reach out and talk to me,
Keep the sharks at bay.

My mood is so low,
Like the depths of the oceans,
Reach out and heal me,
Rediscover my emotions.

Anxiety, an unquiet mind

I awake. Ping!
The day stretches endlessly ahead.
What shall I do?
Where shall I go?
How do I fill my time?

My mind is on full alert.
Poised for disaster.
How can I last till bedtime?
Who can I talk to?
Who will dry my tears?

bring wine jpeg


And yet, the sun is warm and kind,
Tincture for a troubled mind.
Gentle rain to cleanse and freshen,
Lift the cloud of my depression.

A gentle breeze blows cobwebs away,
I feel a little better today.
Go for a walk in the countryside,
Or stand on the shore and watch the tide.

Listen to music, read a poem.
Get the healing rhythms flowing.
Dream in the moonlight, wish on a star,
Feeling relieved I’ve made it this far.

broken(collage based on Japenese art of Kintsukuroi

I am the sea,
Boundless energy,
Endlessly reaching,
Full of creativity,
Sculpting the sands,
With crashing waves.
I am a lake,
Still and calm,
With hidden depths.
Underlying currents of emotion
Trapping the unwary.
I am a hot bath,
Relaxing and warm,
Scented and bubbly,
Gently cleansing my body,
And my mind.
I am a raindrop,
Sparkling and clear,
Thirst quenching and refreshing,
Filling the sky with rainbows.

I am a river,
Constantly flowing,
Never knowing the end,
Waterfalls and whirlpools,
Following my destiny
Instead of sitting on the shore.
I am a geyser.
Ideas bursting forth,
Full of vitality and strength.
I was the flood,
I led to destruction,
Washed away all in my path.
But from the despair
The community rose
Like a phoenix from the flames,
And stood together.
I am water.
I am.

Colour Therapy

Standing at the edge
Of the abyss
Looking down.
Deep, dark, black.
Flickering flames of anxiety
Creep upwards,
Invading my mind
Like moths around a light.

I prowl motiveless
Around the house.
Empty rooms mocking me,
The silence is too loud.
My mind is restless,
Yet empty too.
No pleasure to be had,
Simple chores a hill to climb.

My mind is shuttered,
Curtains drawn.
Heavy, and still,
No light escapes.
Unwanted thoughts
Circle round and round
Like a restless tiger
In an urban zoo.

But wait…..
A chink of light,
Tenuous and fragile
Like a spiders web.
Dare I reach out
And face the sun.
I want to climb the hill
But am fearful of the fall.

Other People's Stories

I long to sleep like a baby,
Pure, untroubled, deep.
Instead I lie here restless,
Counting sheep

Sleep is a hidden treasure
Or so it seems.
All I can manage is
Vivid dreams.

I toss and turn and fidget,
Count the hours till day break.
All I can do is lie here,
Wide awake.


I was tired of living,
Frightened of a future
Which felt like this.
Each day unforgiving,
A monochrome world,
Full of shadows.
But I had to go on believing
That the pain would stop,
And colour return.
Surely I was deserving
Of some hope and joy.
And happiness.

And now I see a kaleidoscope
Of colours so bright.
A rainbow across my heart.
The future is full of hope,
Simple pleasure in all I do.
I see everything through a microscope,
Enlarged and glorious, floating on a crystal sea.
So heartfelt thanks to my family
For helping me to cope,
Come with me on my journey
To the rainbows end.


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