Forbearance and Compassion by Damian Robin

Forbearance and Compassion

She’s beaten numb passed what’s emotional
By bugged, brow-beaten men whose hurt repeats.
Her beaters’ carapaces – hard and dull –
Act deaf to cries that chime her heart’s missed beats.

Unrhythmic beats without a tension drop
And no set beat when she’s electrified,
Those beats of sin can’t grip the sense to stop,
But pulsing beaten gold, her soul inside.

Although the beaters rage with hard-faced hits,
Their consciences lie beat like broken eggs,
Beaten by their boss, who lives in fits
And whisks their mindless limbs to beetle legs.

She gives these beaten torturers no ill
For their core spirits beat with loss of will.


Truth Compassion Forbearance ( zhēn shàn rěn ) are the three tenets of Falun Dafa. It is practiced world wide but persecuted in China where they are often prodded with electrified batons. There were over 70 million practitioners in China in 1999 according to the Chinese Communist Party.



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