Always Here by Damian Robin

Always Here

At service stations, tray in hand,
Or out a window, road-laced land,
Or on a platform in our shoes,
Or online phone to check the news,
Or as we pause from busy swell,
Time still passes, here we dwell;

The stops to fuel in sidings, docks;
The waiting zones with quiet clocks;
From tidal rush of traffic trips;
From massive moves of planes and ships;
When going home or overseas,
The beauty of such calms as these;

Aircraft, trains and boats in queues,
Cars at lights … look at the views –
The skies – the countryside – the seas –
The city passing through the trees –
These daily gifts of timeless treasures –
Rhythmic strains of waits and measures –

As we pause from busy swell –
Though time will pass – still here we’ll dwell.


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