Lenny Szrama – Scheduled not scheduled

Scheduled not scheduled


A singular event, sets wheels in motion

The beginning, the end

A relative notion

No knowledge, No choosing

No magic potion

A silver bullet, A Fuji view

Flying faster

Passing through

No stopping, not here, not there, not you

Jumping on, jumping off

No people, No crew

No time for distress

Say no, Say yes

A kaleidoscope view

An optical express

In chaos, a commotion

No faith, No devotion

In confusion, its emotion

Standing or crawling

Falling or stalling

Living in fear

Fascinating, enthralling

Hopes are dashed

Smashed, if not crashed

Sometimes railroaded

A world undecoded

Like a gun, loaded

Impacted, Imploded

The right time, the wrong time

My time, Dwell time

No up, no down

No bottom, no top,

To fall or to drop

The end, stop.


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