A. Start – The Small Things

A. Start – The Small Things (2018)

Can you please not just shove the towel on the radiator
Hang it up where you found it
Can you please not just leave your socks there
And grumble, “I was gonna move them in a bit”

There’s a system in this cupboard where the plastic tubs live
Square pots stack
Rectangular pots stack
Lids go in here to go for the ordered pots to go with

A trail of mess and chaos
And that’s after you say you’ve tidied
It does my head in everyday
If only you’d listened and abided

You whinge that I’m nagging
And life’s too short for precision
So I have to live my short life
With all this mess and derision

The clutter and disorder
Make me feel my throat constrict
The room shrink
My heart beat too quick
I fear that’s anxiety I depict

Stop picking on the small things!
You complain too much! you cry
But these small things are important to me
Is my frustrated reply

I wish I could explain to you
How much the small things mean
It helps me live my short life
When everything is tidy and clean


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