Janice Howard – Mapping 2

Janice Howard – Mapping 2 (2016)

Mapping 2 copy

The ground is covered in flint. Some of it is rounded, soft and white like the end of a new bone. It’s covered in a soft chalky residue that leaves a mark.

Its irregular and causes me to twist on my ankle. So far I’ve always righted myself.

Even on a flat surface she finds it difficult to lift her feet, shuffling and dragging those annoying shoes. She’s always worn shoes that are too big and lately far too small.

Can feet be honed?

I remember seeing a foot severed at the ankle. Fully formed, rounded end. I couldn’t understand how anyone could do that or why they would want to. It’s more difficult to keep balance when the flint is partially buried. I try to jump over it but it’s everywhere.

When she stumbles she causes me to jolt and I try hard to maintain my position.


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