Alison Little – Alter Ego

Alison Little – Alter Ego (2017)


I am so sensible, so responsible
Offering guidance, stable as a rock
The family, in narcotics they dabble
My lectures keep them from the dock

I am the Fat Controller
My husband is my Bitch!
Around me, they see nothing fowler
On a mission to make us rich!

I must continue to dominate
Ensure I am in charge of everything
The self-appointed boss, no debate
No one must question the logic I bring

Telling tales of fake family suicides
When queried over my stories being real
I set about the process of swaying tides
Elaborately, I claim in drugs they deal

The Family see from eyes free from drug consumption
An evil relic motivated by control and corruption

Soon her control structure will be exploded
The list of convictions to be brought overloaded

Her assets will be taken from the door
She will be the fat controller no more


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